How to get residence Visa for Dubai

Dubai is appealing to many foreign citizens who wish to apply for residency there. An employer can sponsor an employee to obtain residency in Dubai in 2022 or in another emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Renewing Dubai residency requires three years’ notice. One other way to become a resident is to purchase real estate. Obtaining residency also allows an individual to open a bank account in Dubai.

Who can apply for a residence permit for the UAE in 2022?

For foreigners to apply for residency in the UAE, there are a few conditions. Nationality also plays a part in these conditions. To apply for a Dubai residency permit, you must meet the following requirements:

When moving to Dubai, individuals from other nationalities must apply for a residence permit;

The employer is responsible for submitting the visa application on behalf of the foreign national if the residence visa is obtained through employment;

To buy various goods, such as automobiles, or to open a bank account in Dubai, you need a residence visa;

Applicants for the UAE residence visa must have a valid passport for at least 6 months at the time of their application.

The company formation consultants at our Dubai company formation firm are able to provide detailed information regarding all the benefits available to foreign citizens upon obtaining a residence permit in the UAE.

New requirements for obtaining a residence visa for Dubai

Dubai residency requirements changed in 2018 according to the UAE government. A certificate of good conduct must be obtained from the foreign country of residence before foreign citizens can be granted a residence permit based on a work contract in Dubai. This certificate will not be required if they change jobs within the city.

In Dubai, foreigners who apply for residence permits must have a valid email address, as they will receive an email from the local authorities informing them of their visa.

Obtaining residency through employment in Dubai

When foreigners move to Dubai, they usually apply for residency to start working or to live with their family members who work and live there. If a foreign national moves to Dubai under the sponsorship of an employer, he or she may also obtain UAE residency if a UAE national sponsors him or her.

Before a foreign citizen can apply for a residency permit, he or she will be granted an entry permit that allows them to move to Dubai. A Dubai company must also submit its business license and apply for permission to hire a foreigner if it is applying for the foreign citizen’s visa. Due to the short validity of the entry permit, residency must be obtained within two months of entry.

If a sponsor has his or her own property, the sponsor must have a monthly income of 4,000 AED, or at least 3,000 AED if the sponsor’s accommodation is provided by the employer.

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