Immigrate from Myanmar (formerly Burma) to Canada

We are well positioned to assist individuals, families, and businesses from Myanmar (formerly Burma) with their immigration to Canada as we have the local knowledge and high delivery standards.

The Canadian Government has stated their intent to allow over 1 million new Canadian Skilled Migrants to come from Myanmar (formerly Burma) over the next few years. A large number of these migrants are citizens of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Migration to Myanmar remains one of the most important mass migration programs.

Why Immigrate to Canada from Myanmar (formerly Burma)?

In Myanmar (formerly Burma), more and more people are choosing to immigrate to Canada for a variety of reasons, including creating a better future for their families, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, or continuing their education. As part of our Emigrate Canada service, we have helped many citizens of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to move to Canada for a better life.

Work in Canada for Myanmar (formerly Burma) Citizens

You will find a lot of opportunities for employment in Canada if you are a Myanmar (formerly Burma) citizen. The Canadian economy will benefit greatly from the skills of newcomers from Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Myanmar (formerly Burma) has a highly regarded education system, so there is plenty of opportunity for Myanmar (formerly Burma) Citizens to find work in Canada. Immigrants from Myanmar (formerly Burma) are most likely to obtain managerial, professional, or skilled trade jobs in Canada. Citizens from Myanmar (formerly Burma) are also in high demand across all Canadian provinces, especially in the medical field.

The immigration laws in Canada do not discriminate against Myanmar citizens (formerly Burma). In general, the economy and society of Myanmar are relatively fair, and the majority of the population consists of skilled immigrants, particularly those from Myanmar (formerly Burma). As an employee in Canada, you will be paid the same as other employees of the same standard.

Having strong English/French skills does often result in higher demand from employers in Canada and better wages for Myanmar citizens (formerly Burma).

Is it easy for a Citizen of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to immigrate to Canada?

Canada’s immigration system is one of the best in the world because of its fairness. Myanmarese (former Burmese) citizens are discriminated against, and discrimination against any other citizen is against the law.

In order to ensure equality of treatment, Myanmar (formerly Burma) expats as well as Myanmar (formerly Burma) citizens applying for permanent residency in Canada are treated the same.

How to immigrate out of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to Canada?

Clients from Myanmar (formerly Burma) who are considering immigration to Canada will generally plan a more permanent move, so that either they (and their families) would be able:

Living and working in Canada from Myanmar (formerly Burma)
The right to enter and leave the country at their leisure without further visa requirements
Parents can educate their children in Canada
while also owning property in Myanmar (formerly Burma).
Obtain citizenship by birth.
Continue to own Myanmar (formerly Burma) property.

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